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Panama Youth Services is a comprehensive youth services organization that specialize in providing residential services for hard to place foster care kids between the ages of 13-17.


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Panama Youth Services, Inc. was established in 2009 to provide emergency housing that will provide options of hope, provide practical help and ensure proper health services for youth in emergency need of care.  We provide residential services at our Group Homes (Wakefield Place Facility and Naomi House) which provide a safe atmosphere for youth to start the process of healing, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the hope of family reunification or living independently.


We believe that youth in crisis or in need of emergency care, should have a place that promotes positive encouragement and above average living conditions.  Panama Youth Services focus on key elements of positive youth development which is communication of healthy messages to youth about their bodies, behaviors and interactions with others.

Panama Youth Services also provides out-patient Substance Abuse and Mental Health services for our youth while they are in our care.  We place emphasis on working on the whole youth emphasizing responsible socially acceptable behaviors while remaining drug and crime free.  Operations of the boys home has ceased as of Sept ember 2019.

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